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A small lily, curled, perpetual spice, produced by handpicking the stigmas, Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. We, at Mehra Brothers, have the finest of the saffron brought in from Iran and Kashmir with varieties in quality.

Despite its valuable use as a culinary ingredient, Saffron has various medicinal benefits such as protection from cancer, treatment for mental impairment such as Parkinson's disease and memory loss, protection from a cough and cold are some of many benefits.

Guggul Gum

Found in the arid climate states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, a resin formed from the sap of Guggul tree, Guggul Gum is a very important herb used in many Ayurvedic medicines.

Widely used for blood purification, detoxication, healthy weight management, Guggul Gum is available in the best quality at Mehra Brothers

Guggul gum

Shilajit Stone

A nutrient rich biomass loaded with medicinal minerals of 84 forms and fulvic acids is India's most apprized herb is found predominately in the high mountain crevasses Himalayan Ranges.

With millions of years of geothermal pressure coerced on biomasses of plant minerals produces thick, tar-like corpus that glistens the Himalayan rock during summer. Rocks of various locations gives a variety of colors and quality and only the best found at MEHRA BROTHERS.


Also known commonly as Indian Atees is antipyretic, antibacterial, anthelmintic,and has anti-inflammatory actions. The roots helps in the treatment of persistent cough, upper respiratory tract infections, common cold, flu, frequently for fever management for infants. Such beneficial tubers or roots is easily available



Ayurvedic blood purifier widely used for skin conditions such as uneven  pigmentation. It removes the toxins present in the blood and uphold immune system. It is also famously used sanctify liver from all the toxins and their reactions. Mehra Brothers always aims to provide the crisp quality of Manjith available in the market.

Valerian Roots

Valerian Roots is commonly included in sleep inducing tea blends which not only helps insomnia but lowers blood pressure, naturally calms anxiety, eases mestrual cramps and significantly helps in stress management.

Mehra Brothers provides valerian roots to various pharmaceuticals. Its extracts and oil is used as flavoring in foods and beverages by many manufacturers.


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